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Makeup Kit Customize/Wholesale from China


Big Makeup Kit

This style has been selling well for many years. What won’t go out of date is classic. You will see this kind of item on Amazon, eBay, social medias, youtube and twitter. You can use it to attract customers’ attention.

The Kit Includes: face powders, 54 eyeshadows, 1 lipgloss, 1 lipstick, 1 mascara, 2 nailpolish, 2 pencils, 3 make up brushes, 1 face powder sponge, 1 mirror, sharpener,

If you are newly tap into this makeup kit business, you should take this item into your purchasing list. We’re experienced in designing and producing makeup kits of different types. The above list is only partial. Tell us what you need, whether you want to buy from stock or have your private label.


Small Makeup Kit

Moreover, the small cosmetics makeup kit are very popular in Southeast Asia and Africa.

It contains eye shadow, powder, blush, lip gloss and compact brush.

This item is one of the most popular designs among ours. Furthermore, we still have more items. Kindly come to us for catalog. 


Full range of eyeshadow

Classic top-rated items

It contains 180 eyeshadow shades, 2 powder blushes, 2 face powder, 6 eyebrow powders, 1 black pencil eyeliner, 1 full-size mirror

Here just lists the small part of products. Please advise us your business type for more items reference. 


Makeup Kit Aluminum Box

The aluminum box with leopard design is firm, high-grade and eye-catching, with a built-in tray to protect the items from damage.  

Reusable aluminum makeup case for cosmetics storage or jewelry organization. It contains standalone different eyeshadow quads, full-sized lipstick, classic lip gloss tubes, Compact blush, eyeliner and lipliner,brush and mirror.

Furthermore, our wholesale channel is opening, no matter for ready stock or private label.



Multitask Makeup Palette


Multitask Makeup Palette


Multitask Makeup Palette


Small Makeup Kit


Small Makeup Kit


Small Makeup Kit


Multitask Aluminum Train Case


Eyeshadow Palette


Makeup Palette

How To Do Business With Us



Importing goods from us directly can be extremely profitable for your business, as well as quite easy if you are familiar with makeup kit sourcing.

Kindly advise us the particular items basing on the latest catalog that you are interested in and specific quantity to get invoice. After payment done, the goods will be sent to your designated warehouse. If you are the skeptic about the cooperation with new suppliers, please do not hesitate to take trial order to evaluate our product and service.


Private label

Most of wholesalers / importers who have accumulated considerable sales capacity tend to make their own brands. Your registered trademark can also be ironed on products and packaging. Not only simple white labeling, but also custom exclusive color, quality and package.

Moreover, we can develop a new module for you, too.  For high matching, please send a physical sample or design artwork. Our designer will achieve it from concept to physical product.

Help You Customize


Step 1 Send your physical sample or artwork

If you pick our current design, considering the color aberration through different media, better send us your sample to evaluate.


Step 2 make sample

We will make a checklist containing essentials of custom like color, quality of material, adjustment based on current item, etc first. Then our designer will make a pattern accordingly and offer initial price for your better understanding of our pricing policy.


Step 3 Sample Comparing

The first-round samples will be sent both to you for comparing to see whether you are happy with it or not. Adjustments are available upon your request.


Step 4 Sample Confirm and Price Recheck

Sample settle and re-quote price combining with your other terms such as package and payment.


Step 5 Mass Production

The producing will strictly follows the final sample and keep you posted about the whole process.

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